Explore the Power of Interference at the National Convention Center

Hanoi National Convention Center is not only a venue for organizing major events but also a place where culture, economics and politics intersect. With the power of interaction, Hanoi National Convention Center offers visitors a unique and rich experience, discovering the diversity and strength of the country.

Discover Economic Power:

As one of the leading Convention Centers in the region, Hanoi National Convention Center is home to many important events, from business conferences to international trade exhibitions. This is a great opportunity to explore Vietnam's economic strength through meeting and interacting with leading entrepreneurs, investors and experts.

Interference of Culture and Art:

Hanoi National Convention Center is also the venue for many cultural and artistic events, from music performances, folk culture to art exhibitions. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of Vietnamese culture and other cultures through these activities, creating a unique and rewarding interaction.

Political and Social Power:

Hanoi National Convention Center is often the place where important political and social events of the country take place. From high-level conferences to policy and social discussions, this is where everyone's views and opinions are proposed and discussed, contributing to the country's development.

Unique Experience at Hanoi National Convention Center:

Not only an event venue, Hanoi National Convention Center is also a place where visitors can experience the unique and rich nature of Hanoi Capital. With on-site entertainment, shopping and culinary activities, visitors will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy to the fullest.

Hanoi National Convention Center is not only an event venue but also a destination for the intersecting power of culture, economics and politics. With its diversity and richness, Hanoi National Convention Center gives visitors a unique and rewarding experience, a destination not to be missed when visiting Hanoi Capital.

Ping Hotel - The most comfortable hotel closest to the National Convention Center

Ping Hotel is proud to be one of the most comfortable and quality hotels in Hanoi, with an ideal location near the National Convention Center. With the goal of bringing the best and most convenient accommodation experience to visitors attending events at Hanoi National Convention Center, we provide not only modern amenities but also attentive service. Professional and dedicated customer care.

Ideal location:

Ping Hotel is located just a short walk from Hanoi National Convention Center, making it an ideal choice for travelers who want to attend events at Hanoi National Convention Center without having to worry about mobility problems. With this convenient location, visitors can easily access and participate in activities, conferences, and exhibitions conveniently and flexibly.

Quality amenities and services:

Ping Hotel offers spacious and comfortable rooms, ensuring a comfortable and cozy stay. Each room is fully equipped with modern amenities such as cable TV, minibar, coffee/tea maker, toiletries and free Wi-Fi. Our staff is always willing to serve and support customers at all times, ensuring all of your needs are met with dedication and professionalism.

Diverse experiences:

In addition to attending events at Hanoi National Convention Center, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the beauty and uniqueness of Hanoi Capital from Ping Hotel. With a close location to top tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes and shopping stores, we are committed to bringing you the most diverse and enriching experience.

With an ideal location, modern amenities and professional customer service, Ping Hotel is the top choice for tourists who want to attend events at Hanoi National Convention Center and explore the beauty of Hanoi. of Hanoi Capital. Book your room today to experience our comfort and convenience!

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