Keangnam Landmark 72 - Discover the Splendor and Peak Symbolism of Hanoi

Keangnam Landmark 72, the tallest building in Vietnam and a unique architectural symbol of the capital Hanoi, is attracting the attention of tourists from all over the world. With a combination of modern architecture and high-end amenities, Keangnam Landmark 72 is not only a symbol of Vietnam's strong development but also an ideal destination for those who wish to explore its beauty. and the unique culture of our country's capital.

Explore the Building:
Ground Floor and Shopping Area: The ground floor of Keangnam Landmark 72 is home to high-end stores and luxury restaurants, promising to bring customers a classy shopping and culinary experience.

Sky72 Floor - Sky Deck: Up to Sky72 floor, visitors will experience a perfect 360-degree view of the entire city of Hanoi from the Sky Deck. This is also the place to organize events, weddings and seminars with an elegant and classy space.

Resort and Office Areas: Keangnam Landmark 72 also has areas for relaxation and offices, providing both tourists and those working in Hanoi with an ideal space to work and rest. .

Dining Experience:
Keangnam Landmark 72 is also home to many famous restaurants and bars. Guests can enjoy signature dishes from around the world at high-end restaurants, or relax and enjoy drinks at bars with romantic views of the entire city.

Keangnam Landmark 72 is not only a high-rise building, but also a symbol of the development and sparkle of Hanoi. With the perfect combination of classy architecture and modern amenities, Keangnam Landmark 72 promises to bring visitors impressive and unforgettable experiences. Come and explore the splendor of Hanoi at Keangnam Landmark 72!

The beauty of the Keangnam Landmark 72 building

Landmark 72 is a symbol of luxury and class in Hanoi, Vietnam. Here are some outstanding beauty points of this building:

Modern architecture: Landmark 72 is designed with contemporary architecture, with a luxurious and impressive style. The building's strong and refined lines create a unique and powerful image.

Impressive height: With a height of up to 350 meters, Landmark 72 is one of the tallest buildings in Vietnam. The building's solidity and majesty make it a symbol of the country's strength and economic development.

Great view: From the top floor of Landmark 72, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Hanoi Capital. The panoramic view from above offers a unique and unforgettable experience, especially at sunset or at night with sparkling lights.

Shopping and entertainment area: The ground floor of Landmark 72 is designed to create a high-end shopping and entertainment space, with world-leading stores and luxury restaurants. Visitors can freely shop for branded goods or enjoy diverse dishes from around the world.

Symbol of progress: Landmark 72 is not only an impressive building but also a symbol of prosperity and progress of Vietnam in the 21st century. Its presence is a testament to the development of Vietnam. the country's remarkable development in the modern era.

Landmark 72 is not only a beautiful architectural work but also a symbol of Vietnam's strength and economic development, as well as a must-see destination for tourists when visiting the capital Hanoi.

Ping Hotel - Hotel near the Keangnam Landmark 72 building

Located near the tallest and most classy building in Hanoi, Ping Hotel is an ideal destination for tourists who wish to explore and enjoy the beauty and amenities of the area surrounding Keangnam Landmark 72 Building. With a convenient location and comfortable space, Ping Hotel not only provides a memorable stay experience but is also an ideal place to relax and explore the beauty of Hanoi.

Ping Hotel - Khách sạn gần khu đô thị Tây Mỗ, Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội

Located within a short radius of the Keangnam Landmark 72 building, Ping Hotel is the ideal choice for travelers who want to explore the central area of the Capital while still enjoying peace and comfort. With comfortable rooms and professional customer service, we are committed to providing guests with the best accommodation experience.

Ping Hotel is not only a place to stay but also an ideal destination for entertainment and shopping activities. With a convenient location, visitors can easily access shops, restaurants, and famous tourist attractions in the area. In addition, the hotel also provides convenient services such as restaurants, bars, and entertainment activities to bring diverse and enriching experiences to guests.

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