Ping Hotel - 4-Star Standard Hotel Near landmark 72 building

Landmark 72, one of the modern architectural symbols in the economic and cultural center of Hanoi, Vietnam, serves as a commercial center, office, and a unique tourist destination.

Located in the bustling development area of Cau Giay area, Landmark 72 stands out with its impressive height, being part of the Ciputra Hanoi urban area. Built with the mission of providing a modern living and working space, this building is not only a symbol of economic prosperity but also a symbol of sustainable development.

With a total area of more than 290,000 square meters, Landmark 72 is proud to be a multi-purpose center, combining basement parking, luxury shopping areas, comfortable office areas, high-end restaurants and classy hotels. grant. This building is also famous for its unique skyscraper tower, providing a great view of the entire Hanoi city from above.

Ping Hotel - 4-Star Standard Hotel Near landmark 72 building

Ping Hotel - a 4-star luxury accommodation location located near Landmark 72 building, the economic and cultural center of Hanoi, Vietnam.

With a convenient location and just a few steps from the city center, Ping Hotel promises to bring you a memorable stay experience in a comfortable and convenient space. Enjoying luxurious resting space and professional service from our experienced staff, Ping Hotel is committed to being an ideal stopover for both business and leisure travelers.

Ping Hotel - Khách sạn gần khu đô thị Tây Mỗ, Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội

With 4-star standards and modern design space, Ping Hotel is proud to provide classy amenities, from comfortable rooms to diverse culinary services. Not only that, with the perfect combination of modern architecture and dedicated service, we are committed to bringing you a memorable and comfortable stay experience.

Come and discover the class and comfort at Ping Hotel - the top choice for any business trip or relaxing vacation in the capital Hanoi.

Ping Hotel - 4-Star Hotel What are the amenities near the landmark 72 building?

Ping Hotel, with 4-star standard and convenient location near the Landmark 72 building, promises to bring customers a series of high-end amenities and quality services to create a perfect staying experience. Below are some main amenities of Ping Hotel:

Comfortable rooms: The rooms at Ping Hotel are luxuriously and modernly designed, ensuring maximum comfort for guests. Each room is fully equipped with amenities such as comfortable beds, cable TV, minibar, coffee/tea maker and free Wi-Fi.

Restaurant and bar: Guests can enjoy delicious and varied dishes at Ping Hotel's restaurant, which serves both local and international cuisine. In addition, the bar is also an ideal destination to enjoy drinks and unique cocktails.

Fitness center and spa: Ping Hotel offers a modern fitness center with workout equipment and professional spa services. Customers can relax and enjoy spa treatments to regenerate energy after a hard day exploring the city.

Swimming pool: Customers can enjoy the outdoor swimming space at Ping Hotel, which provides a space to relax and enjoy the city's golden sunshine.

Conference and wedding services: Ping Hotel provides multi-functional conference and wedding rooms, fully equipped with modern amenities and technology, ideal for business events or grand weddings. coated.

Tour booking and shuttle service: Customers can use the tour booking service or rent a shuttle from Ping Hotel to explore famous tourist attractions and move conveniently in the city.

With such diverse amenities and services, Ping Hotel is committed to providing customers with a wonderful and memorable stay experience in the capital Hanoi.

Ping Hotel - 4-Star Hotel Near the landmark 72 building, what room types are available?

Ping Hotel - 4-Star Hotel near Landmark 72 building offers a variety of comfortable and luxurious room types to meet the accommodation needs of all customers. Below are some popular room types at this hotel:

Deluxe Room: This is a spacious room, fully equipped with modern amenities and luxurious furniture. Deluxe rooms are usually comfortable and offer great views of the city.

Executive Room: Executive Room is the ideal choice for customers who require more luxury and amenities. These rooms are often larger in size and equipped with high-end amenities such as a private office, seating area and VIP room service.

Suite: Suite is the symbol of luxury and comfort at Ping Hotel. Suites often have large spaces, including separate bedrooms, living rooms and separate dining areas. Additionally, guests staying in Suites often enjoy special services such as personal concierge service and access to private conference and wedding reception rooms.

Family Room: This is a type of room specially designed to meet the needs of families or groups of travelers traveling together. Family rooms are usually large in size and provide family amenities such as extra beds, common areas and amenities for children.

View Room: View Room is a type of room that pays special attention to views and comfortable resting space. With its location near the Landmark 72 building, View rooms often have great views of the surrounding city or lake.

With a variety of room types and amenities, Ping Hotel offers customers many options to enjoy a classy accommodation experience in the capital Hanoi.

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